Specialized Concept Store Ground up Electrical Install

Project Description

This concept store was a project built from a bare, two floor commercial unit. We worked to a 5 week, start to completion deadline with a team of five highly skilled electricians.

The project comprised of bespoke low bay and flood lighting design using the brand Iguzzini for the fittings. The lighting has been designed to hang from the fabric of the building to offer an impact in keeping with the unit. This was achieved by using a combination of commercial and industrial conduit, trunking and uni strut with stainless steel wire hangers to carry the lighting tracks. Aside from this, general power points have also been added throughout the building as well as data wiring to all work desks and tills with audio and visual installations.

Project Details

  • Bespoke Electrical Design
  • Iguzzini light fittings
  • Data (cat5e) wiring
  • Audio instalation
  • POS data links