Crickets House, Ramsdell Rd, Hampshire Lighting Design

Project Description

The Oak building has been designed & erected by Hartwood Oak who is based south of Newbury. The Electrical brief, design power & lighting, which at worst, only the electrical accessory would be seen. The building is used as a home and an art gallery. The lighting had to be for practical day-to-day use and also to show the art works in the best possible lighting.

The client's Requirements.

  • Lighting that would highlight the art works, similar to a gallery setting, but have control via smart technology & manual setting.
  • Audio systems, which are out of sight in all areas and that, can be controlled in each area of the building as well as outside.
  • Visual system TV that could be linked to the audio using both manual & smart technology.
  • Making sure that the completed project is electrically sustainable.